Who We Are

In Kythnos, one of the most important honey producers is Vaptistis Filippas, who has founded the "stazi meli" business, in the perdikari area, on the junction of the two central axes of the island that connects Chora with Dryopida, Kanala and Ai - Dimitris. At its production facility it has installed modern technical equipment and a shop. Vaptistis Filippas comes from a family with tradition in beekeeping, since he represents the 4th generation, so he possesses the rich distillation of his ancestors' experience. It has been exclusively dedicated to beekeeping, which is a way of life for him. It is worth visiting the beekeeping workshop "Sting honey" to taste the rich in taste and with its excellent aroma of thyme honey and to discover other traditional products. There, one can obtain the excellent honey and all its derivatives, such as pollen, propolis, honey, and the local fragrant candle, and soothing ointments.